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Winter Joy Boxes

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Unapologetically Living with Trese has partnered with The Equitable Giving Circle for a "Winter Joy Box" Donation Drive. All of the proceeds and gifts from our collaboration will go directly to black families in the Portland community that we serve!

It was important to me that while EGC was created for the BIPOC community as a whole which I LOVE, I wanted to make sure that my fellow black families received some directed attention this Holiday season.

Plus, what better way to bring some Holiday cheer into YOUR life than doing something for someone else.

Here's how you can help:

Here is a link to the official information page so you can learn more about this special project:

Our goal is to show the families we serve some love and care by providing them with specialty New Year's treats, warm blankets, self-care items, as well as games, toys, and art and activity kits for the whole family to enjoy, as they ring in the New Year. The Joy Boxes will be delivered to families December 28th-30th.

There are 3 primary ways for you can support the program this year:

1. Make a donation towards the purchase of special items for the Joy Boxes by visiting our presents page using the link above, and using the button at the bottom of the page to make a one time or recurring donation to EGC. Donations made through this link will go directly to the Joy Box program.

2. Purchase an item from our wishlist. The items in our wishlist are from BIPOC-owned small businesses and other community partners. If they place an order from Black Wagon Toys, the last day to shop online is December 15th. When you order, simply put "EGC Joy Box: UL with Trese" in the recipient/shipping information.

3. Purchase a gift certificate for a Black family using Bindle. Bindle is a local service that sells high quality items and food products made by small businesses. In the comments section, simply say that the donation is for a gift card for an "EGC/UL with Trese" family. These gift certificates will be included in the Joy Boxes for families to shop for specialty items of their choosing.

There it is! So simple and will bring so much joy to the community that we serve in Portland!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Tis the season to be giving!!!

Love & Light,

Trese, Unapologetically

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