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Trese Approved Black-Owned Brands and Businesses to Support

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

I have been a long-time supporter of "All Black Everything," With all the lists and promotions circulating, I wanted to comprise my "Trese Approved" list of black-owned businesses and brands that I love.

Please know that this list is not ALL inclusive. There are many other great black-owned and led businesses and brands out there; I'm just highlighting ones that I support regularly.

I'm including their Instagram handles as I.G. is currently my favorite social platform (hoping that a black-owned platform is created soon… I digress) These are in no particular order.

Community Outreach – For me, it's important to donate to organizations that have a proven record of doing what's right for the people. Here are a few I have and will continue to contribute to.

@untilfreedom – Led by Tamika Mallory, they are a group of organizers, lawyers, artists, and journalists committed to bringing awareness to the injustices in the world.

@colorofchange – Committed to black issues, for the people by the people (scroll through their "Our Team" page)

@changedotorg – For me, they cover a myriad of problems that plague our country. It means something to me to cover many of the issues I have with current policies (i.e., my recent post about the F.D.A.'s recommendations that could impact children with allergies)

@equitablegivingcircle – Committed to feeding BIPOC families with food from BIPOC farmers. Understand that you support them in two ways when you donate to them. You are ensuring black people are both eating and can sustain their businesses. Bomb!

@fatedetroit – Born and partially raised in the outskirts of Detroit, D-Town will always have a special place in my heart. Run by giving Merit – this is a program for Detroit youth for mentorship and enrichment.

@releafassist - My small community outreach program to assist with bail, natural disaster aid, and anything else we see a need in the community.

Bloggers – I want the blogs that I read to cover many topics and be open and transparent with their truth. Here are some dope bloggers to follow

@mommyonthemove – Tierra gives us #blackfamily vibes all day mixed with the best memes you'll see. She is unapologetic in her truth of what life looks like as a Christian mompreneur, boy mom, and coach's wife. The beauty of her page is that she is honest in her feelings, never backing down from her beliefs.

@damonyoungvsb – A published author and journalist for The Root, Damon is the black man in my head saying everything I think daily.

@thefunnymomma – Katryce never disappoints with a laugh or 10 in her stories. She gives us everything, including recipes, mom hacks, and tons of friendship and family vibes.

@xonecole – This is a collective of black women truly meant for uplifting our souls. With their truths across the board, they give me nuggets to charge and challenge me.

@brooklyn.cocoa.mommy - Letitia is so New York, and I LOVE it! She is a huge activist in the fight and awareness of H.G., which I am a two-time survivor of. She gives us knowledge as a degreed librarian (yes, that's a thing; put some respect on it) as well as a bomb wife and mom to 2 beautiful girls - I love Nikisha, but literally, I adore her children, Kaydence and Kyrie and you will too! Nikisha gives us all the working mom vibes while juggling a flourishing lifestyle brand.

@chicdivageek - Adrian is genuinely the tech sister I wish I had when I was still in the industry. She keeps us up-to-date with the latest and greatest. She's dope inside and out!

@momma_lips - Jessie is so unapologetic in her stance on EVERYTHING that you have to respect it. She has been a knowledge base for me while I learn as much as I can about this A.S.D. journey.

@embracingblackculture - No other words for this page then, MY PEOPLE!

Podcasts – all podcasts are available on Spotify.

Jemele Hill is Unbothered - @jemelehill – Anyone who has followed me any length of time knows the respect I have for Jemele as a journalist but also as a podcaster. She asks her guests such thought-provoking questions as well as incorporates lighthearted topics. Her ending segment, F$ck It I'm Bothered, is my favorite!

Mom Space & Co - @momspaceco – Host Antonia (@_anotoniamichalea) believes in highlighting women in business. She interviews women from all walks of life to highlight the beautiful spectrum of ideas and creativeness we, as women, possess.

Mommy on the Move - @mommyonthemove – Tierra is a blogger and an excellent podcaster. She covers a wide range of topics about motherhood and balancing being a great mom while fulfilling your purpose as a woman. As her motto goes, "Life Doesn't Come with a Manual, It Comes with a M.O.M." Aint THAT the truth!

Ratchet & Respectable - @demetriallucas – I've been a long-time fan of Demetria long before her podcasting days. With the occasional guest, Demetria covers current events as she sees them. Her perspective is always authentic and honest. She is also included as one of my favorite bloggers, so follow her page.

Sophistiratchet - @sophistarachet_podcast – This is the newest podcast I'm listening to, and it's already proving to be a great one. With varying opinions, these three ladies are giving us a dose of realness in a unique way.

Life and Times of RoRo & Licy @mshairboss – Another new podcast I am catching up on. This duo gives me all the best friend vibes as they discuss life as they see it! I can't wait to see what they come with next!

Sincerely, Keelay @keelay_cater - Keelay gives us her real perspective on various topics that impact us as wives, mothers, daughters, and friends. She is the girl next door, keeping it all the way real.

Influencers - Influencing comes in many forms through comedy, activism, or simply through sharing their love for specific products. I am looking for many things when following someone and possibly entertaining their influence.

@tamikadmallory – She has indeed, for as long as I've been following her, been unwavering in her purpose of justice. She not only talks the talk, but she is walking the walk, many times on the front lines of the movements.

@iambreisler – Bre gives it to us like it is. If you get an opportunity to work with her or engage with her through comments, she is open to all ideas and perspectives, and you never have to wonder where she stands on issues.

@kevonstage – Kevin gives me church, love, food, all mixed with his unique comedic delivery. His videos provide me with LIFE daily.

@iamtabithabrown – Auntie Tabitha gives me all the vegan and black love feels I need daily. As I slowly transition into a part-time vegan, she gives me ideas to create my recipes! Plus, the sounds of her voice are just soothing to my soul.

@mahdiwoodard - Lissen, since stumbling upon his page, I get my edges snatched at least twice a day. He drops a ton of gems that will make you step your game up or realize what you're doing isn't your purpose.

@daily_delle- Rondelle is the girl next door who keeps it honest while encouraging and inspiring. She always has the latest products for us to try and the tips and tricks to help us thrive in this social media world.

@dearsinglemommy - I can't even express how much I adore Audrey Renee. What started as a chance meeting for a show we did has developed into the best virtual friendship. From a 9 to 5 to the full-time entrepreneur while being a dope single mom, I love everything she's doing, and trust me, she is doing it all!

@janellreneemayfield - A chance meeting on an unscripted show introduced me to this unique soul. Her page highlights not just amazing skincare products but her love for Black love, family, and black culture.

@tenikab - I will be the first to tell you that I am not a "fashion-guru," but Tenika makes me want to step my game up. Aside from killing the game with her fashion, her captions speak to issues in our community. I love all of her content.

@justaskalicia - @mshairboss never ceases to amaze me. She is a serial entrepreneur that now has a dedicated page to help others on this journey. Follow ALL her pages!

Beauty/Health – I have extremely sensitive skin, so I am very particular about the products I use. My girls also have skin sensitivities and allergies, so I am VERY cautious with my beauty products. However, these are the favorites that I can't live without!

@thelipbar – It took me a long time to leave M.A.C., but I am so glad I did. The fresh face full coverage foundation that the lip bar has is my favorite. It comes conveniently packaged as a slim tube with a brush applicator all in one. They also have fantastic lip colors that keep me in the game!

@thecrayoncase – The matte lipsticks stay on all day, and that's no exaggeration. Also, their makeup wipes are unlike any other I've used. I can wipe my whole face off with one wipe. LOVE them!

@playpits – As a family, I looked for a long time to find a natural deodorant that quelled these teenage and work out smells. Play Pits does that. I use "Queen," and I haven't had any issues. The only thing to remember is to rub it in to absorb it into the skin and not rub it off on your clothes.

@thehoneypotco – Every woman needs great feminine products. The Honey Pot has everything you need, and they use all-natural products and scents. From tampons to feminine wash, you won't be disappointed when your monthly monster rolls around.

@dreads_by_ci – Cierra carries the best natural oil I have ever used for your hair. While she is a loctician, her oil is excellent for all hairstyles/types.

@therealdippedindope – If you are looking for a natural soap with the health benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil, you would want to try her Bubba Kush soap. It gives a good lather, a pleasant smell and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

@reineskin - Black-owned and created by a degreed chemist, this is the ONLY skin care line I use on my face, and it has made a world of difference! Explicitly formulated for our skin in mind, trust me, you won't be disappointed.

@urbanbodyskin - This company will leave your skin feeling, looking, and smelling great! Two of my faves are the Body Souffle and the Body Bar!

@thetsuricompany - After rebranding, this company still delivers quality products with organic ingredients. Treat yourself with this beauty line!

Cannabis – Cannabis isn't just the stuff that gets you "high." Of course, my company @releafhealthcannabis_88 is my favorite, but here are some others you need to check out.

@jadeselevation – Black and Female-led, they give you clean hemp CBD products while educating you on the health benefits of each product.

@blackhempfamily – I am proud to be a part of a collective started by the Black Hemp Family to join forces with other small black businesses in the cannabis community. They strive day in and out to highlight and partner with black companies—a black family, doing the damn thing.

@phenom_hemp – Currently in the process of rebranding for their next rollout, I am honored to work alongside this husband and wife duo. They remind me so much of me and J, and they provide products you can trust.

@maryandmain – Hope Wiseman is one of the founders of this dispensary. As the youngest black woman to own a cannabis dispensary, she is helping bring awareness to the lack of representation of blacks in the industry.

Education/Mental Wellness – We must educate ourselves and children about tending to our emotional needs.

@lifewithannette_ - Annette is an excellent life coach who gives each of her client's tons of valuable strategies to help them navigate this thing called life. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, which I appreciate most, and you always have some helpful homework to do.

@queenkoniljh– Koni gives me all the serenity that the entire world needs. From her massage therapy to her days of affirmation, she is the zen you genuinely need to seek.

@lovefirstmarriagemovement - Pastors Todd and Ingrid are genuinely the blessings I didn't realize my life needed. Their mentorship and counseling aren't the stuffy religious perspectives that some may assume but real and most times, in my business, wisdom that you will need to be better, not just for your spouse but for YOU!

Apparel - I love a good fashion find, and while my fashion is pretty much comfortable and cute, the girls have their style too. Here are some of our favorites.

@m3m3that_ - Wolfpack is an up-and-coming t-shirt line that I am IN LOVE with. They have all the Black Pride shirts you need, and I simply can't get enough. They are currently working on their website so just D.M. them for now. Remember, we all had to start small. Support!

@loveablebabyshop - This is a recent find that I am loving. This boutique has cute and affordable finds for your children that will leave them ready for any photoshoot!

@black.fathers.exist - I purchased a dope shirt for J from this for Father's Day, and he LOVED it. Of course, I had to go back for more as they carry shirts for the ladies. Excellent quality with dope messages; can't beat that!

@coinhandlers - The motto is "Be Humble or Be Humbled"... Yo, I've never felt more seen. They have the most comfortable sweatshirts I've ever had. I live in mine. Heck, I need to order more.

@messinabottle - Kalilah and her emails pull you in every time, but I also love that every item has just the MESSage we need!

@theunapologeticblackman - Yes, he does apparel, but you need to follow him because he is funny and UNAPOLOGETICALLY, giving it to us about all things mental health, Black culture, and more.

Accessories - Who doesn't love good Black-owned quality, affordable luxury brands because they exist!

@mandeauxshoes & @ladymandeaux - Mandeaux is his and hers luxury shoe line that is sure to take over the runways soon. I am excited to see all the things they will produce because they have the designs and quality that keep you wanting more. - For a while, I was coveting the Louie fanny pack. I told J I wanted one for Christmas, but then I was like, "I'm sure there is a Black-owned company that creates luxury purses." Enter Ashya! I am in love with my fanny from them.

@yuumacollection - Founder Donnya (@donnyanegerablog) has created a great diaper bag that is sure to keep you stylish and prepared. While I am done having children, like done done, I love that all my future moms have a bag created by them for them!

Fitness - I HATE working out. I am mad at the body that birthed two beautiful and raised three but seems to no longer have the metabolism of yesteryear. These people help me keep it fresh!

@cochealong_ - Cochea has reignited my love of Zumba. She does a great job mixing her cultures with her workouts and keeps your heart pumping. In addition, she offers in-person (ain't nobody really in Kentucky), online, and on-demand options for her classes.

@ladyloc31 - Another bomb Zumba instructor who is creating a new class aimed at my love for island culture. My knees aren't quite Meg's, but my hips don't lie. (They also don't move quite like hers) . Online sessions are available!

@effectfitness - The pandemic had your girl up (up in pounds), and I had to get it together. They offered free classes during the height of the pandemic that made me excited about toning it up. In addition, they now have membership options that can fit any budget. So get into this high-energy, high-impact workout!

Foodie/Food/The Eats - If Im honest, it's not the working out; it's the food. I love to eat. I love good food. These are some great online options (I may include my favorite restaurants in some of my cities)

@_chefgonemad - Hands down one of the best seasonings around. I also have a great collab with the brand, formed organically because I bought so much of the seasonings. New Orleans born and bred, Chef got the blends to make any meal delicious. He also has a cookbook dropping just in time for the holidays!

@theblackbreadco - I've searched high and low for a Black-owned bread company that is good. This is it! I wish they had gluten-free options for my little but Im sure that will be up next. Try them out, and you won't be disappointed.

@kimmykreations.1 - Queen of "Aight Bye!" (I say this entirely too much now) - This Queen creates some of the most delicious meals and gives your the recipes to recreate. When my cooking ideas come up empty, this is a page I will turn to for inspiration.

@chefkolbykash - It's always the tasting for me! Chef Kobldy creates quick meals and videos that inspire me to get into the kitchen. The Garlic Noodles is one of my favorites!

Again, many other brands and businesses are out there, but these have been tried and are Trese Approved!

Love & Light,

Trese, Unapologetically


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