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I Know What I Said...But I'm Getting Vaccinated

It happened. I didn’t think I would ever do it. And I know what I said… I said a lot, in fact, and I meant it when I said it, let’s be clear.

Information Is Key…

I reached out to Dr.’s that I trust and gathered tons of information on the COVID-19 vaccines because I had to step out of my fear of the unknown and just read the facts for myself. I spent over a month analyzing infection rates in my area and where I like to travel. I asked the doctors I know and trust to send me articles that they have read and use to assess and compare the vaccines and I’m including them for your review as well.

Bottom line, there is still a lot of unknowns about where this virus will go but there are facts behind a lot of things.

Fact: Coronavirus cases have caused more death and severe sickness in my family and in my friends’ families. At first, I compared this to the flu and how people die from the flu every year but I have not personally known anyone to die from the flu. I have personal knowledge of over 25 people that have died from coronavirus and that’s just in my little circle. This is serious and while I still am adamant that these vaccines haven’t been researched as long as my comfort level would allow, I researched and found out that the MMR that is mandatory and required for children to attend school and that most, if not all of us has taken, was derived in under a year and available for the public in 2.5 years. So, long lasting vaccines that work CAN be developed quickly. Just blew my little theory out the water.

With that, I read EVERY article that my doctor friend sent me: (Shout out to her, I wont name here cause I’m not sure if this is some sort of violation but she knows who she is and informed me every step of the way)

Vaccine Comparisons:


Moderna/pfizer/J and J:

Medical FAQs and Literature to Review

WHO Vaccines Explained Series:

Which Vaccine Did I Decide On?

Every one will need to make their own decision and I know certain areas only have certain vaccines available. I am fortunate (one of few times I can say I’m fortunate to live in Florida for anything other than the weather) all three major vaccines are available to us here, you just have to plan.

That being said, I chose Pfizer. For me, the side effects that I read about and what some of my friends have experienced with Moderna as well as the effectiveness of it, eliminated that as a choice. Johnson & Johnson was NEVER in consideration as my best friend said “They out here, allegedly, giving folks cancer from powder” but also the effectiveness is only currently at about 66%.

Pfizer was what I decided to go with. My 90-year-old grandmother received it as well as many of my older aunts, uncles, parents and cousins. They had very few side effects and have handled both doses well.

My decision to get vaccinated was not an easy one. I was still unsure even as I waited in line to get my first dose but I took a few things into consideration:

1. My oldest daughter is going off to college soon and many colleges are talking about making this a requirement so they can reopen campuses “as usual”. Every vaccine my kids have ever had, I had them first. This should be no different.

2. One of my good friends who is a fellow entrepreneur said something so profound to me. They said “We are out here getting all this money; it would be silly to die from Covid when a vaccine is available”. I know some people will think that sounds asinine but shyt made sense to me.

3. I want to travel and see my parents and friends freely again. Yes, I know that there is pressure to take the vaccine hastily but the fact is that THIS is the “new” normal for us. Masks are not enough as more and more states are removing the mandate. Airlines will begin flying full capacity again and public places will be swarming with people, peopling again. I want to be as protected as possible.

4. I weighed the pros and cons of it. I am likely to develop some long-term health issues more from the food I eat and the environment than from this vaccine. This is why I started my own garden but also why I took the vaccine. My kids need me and I am responsible for doing the best I can to be here for them.

5. I can change my fawking mind. I know what I said and I am still uneasy about my decision if I’m being honest. But I’m definite in the fact that my fear of dying from coronavirus is greater than my fear of the vaccine.

And that’s just that on that!

This is here for no other reason than I had the nerve to have my stomach out!

As I often say, it’s ok to change your mind just be transparent about it and don’t act like you didn’t say what you said. I said it and yet I did it.

Do your research and do what you feel is best for you and your family!

Love & Light,

Trese, Unapologetically



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