Welcome To Unapologetically Living

My life has been anything but ordinary. A life of expectating to be bigger and better than the generation that came before me, I was clearly meant to do things by the book. Having been an honors student all the way through college, I started my career in Healthcare IT a couple of months after graduating with my Bachelors in CIS.  I journeyed down that path for over 15 years.

I reached a crossroads in my life when I had my youngest daughter and was once again faced with the choice to do what was expected or to walk in my purpose. I’ve always had a passion for cannabis, writing, performing spoken word in small clubs and journaling for most of my life. Three years ago, along with my husband, I founded ReLeaf Health & Emisha Innovations. Both of these companies combine 2 of my passions, cannabis and technology; respectively.

However, there was still a part of me that I felt I hadn't tapped into completely. In the Spring of 2019, I began blogging to utilize my voice and express opinions that I found many people had but were too scared to share. Walking in purpose, for me, is to write thought provoking pieces that incorporates humor with a strong foundation of reality. In addition, I pray that my podcast, my recipes, my cannabis business all provide information as well as much needed levity in your day to day life.

My hope is that my opinions cause someone else to open their mind, find the love & light in the world around us and laugh… A LOT.

I am a woman who walks unapologetially in my truth.

So take a look around and I hope you enjoy your stay!