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Trese's Survival Guide: Quarantine 2020

I never thought I would see the day that America would essentially shut down, not in my lifetime anyway. But here we are and for good reason. I may joke and elicit lots of laughs because its my way of coping, but I am very aware of the real concern behind COVID-19 aka “The Rona”.

The next few weeks we are confined to our homes/neighborhoods and I thought it only proper that I give you:

Trese Survival Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts during Quarantine 2020

DO – Include alcohol, cannabis or both as part of your survival kit. Listen, vices are the biggest sellers during this time and its only right that you be a part of the crowd. I actually prefer cannabis (mostly hemp CBD right now) over alcohol but I have definitely enjoyed a glass of wine daily since the quarantine and I make no apologies about it.

DON’T – Drink too much. We still have whole kids that will NOT be going to school in the morning that we still have to be functioning-ish adults for. Don’t get wasted sis just be easy. Not to mention, alcohol has a ton of sugar when you add the chasers (if you aren’t drinking it straight) and wine… well you already know the caloric intake on that. Also, cannabis can give you the munchies so try to munch smart if you can.

DO – Eat to live – It is so easy for us to indulge during this time. By us I mean me. I'm totally speaking to myself as I have gained 3 lbs. already. If you are a stress eater or bored eater like myself, try and incorporate some healthy snacks in there. OR if you can handle it just institute strict portion control guidelines for yourself. For me, 2 mini Hershey’s with Almonds per day. That’s it. No matter what. Period. Also, refer back to the DON’T about alcohol. Another also, DRINK YOUR DAMN WATER. You should have always been getting your water intake but especially during this time along with your vitamins. Be smart. Be healthy.

DON’T – Live to eat. Nuff said on that. The clothes in your closet don’t lie. IJS.

DO – Have lots of sex, even you breastfeeding mamas. Nothing relieves stress like sex, I don’t care what you say. It’s better than a jog, better than chilled wine, better than a freshly washed scalp. Have sex and lots of it because soon the walls will close in and you won’t want them to speak to you let alone touch you.

DON’T – Get pregnant. Do not recommend, unless you are really trying. Just watch the stories of us mama’s with multiple kids. It’s hard out here in these mama streets juggling the education, activity and hormone levels of multiple kids; not to mention how expensive this quarantine stock pile life is becoming. Strap up, jump on and then pop a birth control pill. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

DO – Get outside for some fresh air. The walls are closing in on me, it's only Day 2, and I have been outside every day! If you haven’t been, GO NOW! Do not pass Go, do not put on makeup, just go. This is the other Vitamin D that is essential to not only your immunity but your total well being and waist line. The kids also need to get out of the house and expel some of that energy, you never know a nap may soon come from the exhaustion.

DON’T – Forget your sunscreen, healthy personal space boundaries and sanitizing wipes. YES, BLACK PEOPLE NEED SUNSCREEN. I can’t believe how many people still don’t understand that. You need it. What we aren’t going to do is get all this good Vitamin D and then get skin cancer. Protect yourself but most importantly please protect your children if you are going to be outside for an extended period of time. Also, DON’T let anyone get too close to you. A lot of people are carriers of the Rona and are asymptomatic. Enjoy but be smart and wipe down EVERYTHING! If you go to the park (which they aren't recommending) , wipe the swings down, and wipe ya kids down afterwards.

DO – Incorporate learning in everything you do. Education is not only textbooks and online lectures. It’s every day application of life experiences. Talk about the TV show you’re watching and incorporate questions that evokes their level of comprehension and memory. Allow them to convert measurements in the kitchen while you are cooking. Color, do puzzles, dance, sing… just have fun and learn at the same time. The kids are just as stressed as you are and trust me are just as tired of you as you are of them. So, make everything more fun than usual.

DON’T – Try to become a teacher if that’s not your ministry. Stay in your lane of educational instruction, even if that means cutting on Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go” and teaching the kids how to follow instructions and memorization. Nothing will frustrate both you and your child more than you yelling at them “THE SQUARE ROOT OF NINE… IIIISSSSSS?!?!” That helps no one, sis, and the truth is most of us don’t have the patience to be doing above and beyond learning with children. If you are set on giving structured learning, let the online apps and websites do that for you. Relax, the kids won’t lose their intelligence, I promise you.

Above all else, DO pray, meditate, journal and find peace in all the chaos. The news will freak us out and our own brains will begin to create situations that are worse than the reality. Mental health is going to be important during this time so make sure you are taking care of you, mentally.

Feed yourself spiritually with the word, with video chat with close girlfriends, with hot baths and so on. Self-Care may just be sitting in the bathroom ignoring the cries and fights in the next room. It'll be ok.

Think about those that are most at risk (the elderly (our parents), adults/children with compromised immune systems, etc.) during this time and that should help you keep perspective.

Hopefully you enjoyed the Survival Guide, I’m sure there are other things I could add but I know you are tired of reading by now. See you on Trese Speaks!

Love & Light,

Trese, Unapologetically.

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Rachel DeMara
Rachel DeMara
17 mar 2020

Yessss to all of these! Even though it's only day 2 of our unplanned staycation, putting all of these into practice will save me from losing my mind (and my family's lives, I'm sure)! LOL

Me gusta
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