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Ten Things To Do While Pregnant UNAPOLOGETICALLY

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

You’ve found out you are pregnant, Congratulations… I hope. This news, in most cases, is the most shocking, scary and beautiful news you will receive in your life; at least the first time. Immediately you wonder, what will pregnancy be like for me? What will I experience? What will I need to give up? What do I do?

My crazy list that really isn’t so crazy!

As someone who only enjoyed pregnancy for about 2 months during each stint due to my hyperemesis, I found that there were things I needed to do to make the most out of the experience. Things that I feel added to the joy of pregnancy and I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Create an overly obnoxious pregnancy announcement – Look, this is the last time other than your baby shower that the attention will be on you for a long time. Take advantage sis. Make your pregnancy announcement over the top.

  2. Read all the books, listen to all the advice – But don’t do ALL of that shyt! Every pregnancy, every woman’s experience is different. You will work yourself up listening and obsessing about what Big Mama did or how sissy is raising her children. Apply advice as needed, when needed. Parenting is trial and error, in case no one has been honest enough to tell you.

  3. Eat whatever you want! – But in moderation. No, sis, you aren’t eating for 2 but you are the creator of life (not to be confused with Jesus) so if you want a steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and all the fixings, EAT. IT. SIS. Ice cream sundae at 2 am, EAT. IT. SIS. Smothered anything, EAT. IT. SIS!

  4. Continue whatever workout plan you are on or start a moderate workout plan – In most, not all, cases; you can continue to workout as needed. I’m not saying this because I’m worried about your snapback, I’m saying this because being limber & in shape will help with childbirth. Being healthy in the body helps with preventing pregnancy-related disorders such as gestational diabetes. I also believe that it helps with the production of breast milk. Consult your physician, of course, before starting any routine.

  5. Don’t buy maternity clothes if you can help it –

Dress I bought in a bigger size with stretch… BUMP maternity clothes. Pun intended.

Many people will disagree with this but I don’t care. Maternity clothes are overpriced expressions of how much weight you’ve possibly gained. I prefer to be fooled. I literally cut the button off the top of a pair of jeans to make room for my stomach. I bought larger shirts and dresses that after I lost the baby weight turned into shirt dresses or lounge around outfits that were still cute.

6. HAVE A LOT OF SEX! – Yall know I LOVE talking about sex, I love it. Married & fast is a hashtag I created for myself because I like to treat my husband like my boyfriend sometimes and do the nasty, crazy…. I digress. You get my point. Pregnant sex is the BEST! I can’t speak for everyone but out of the women I know, myself included, our sex drive during pregnancy is ON 1000! And the feel of it…. Look ask any man…pregnancy sex is one of their favorites! Don’t @ me on this just drop it low and put it on him!

7. Schedule regular pedicures and massages – Nothing is better than a massage or a pedicure but especially during pregnancy. It not only affords you some much need relaxation time but it helps with blood flow through your entire body which assists with childbirth as well. It helps ease the mind and soothe the body. Make sure you are going to a massage therapist that is certified in prenatal massages as this can cause severe damage if done wrong during pregnancy. Also, make sure your pedicure location is VERY sanitary. An infection during pregnancy can be more serious than at any other time.

8. Take an obscene number of pictures. Take pictures of your swollen feet, your belly at every stage, your hair loss or growth, your cute days, your ugly days. You want all those memories as the time goes by so fast and once your little one arrives most of the pictures will be focused on them. Enjoy & capture this time when your body is doing what it does and creating and protecting life.

9. Last but not least, Journal – I wish I would have been better at this myself. The time I was journaling it was therapeutic because I don’t care what suzy sunshine people you know who have amazing pregnancies say, there are rough days. Journaling about that made me feel less alone and it also provided a view into what I was feeling during that time. My journals are great reflection pieces.

I know I said 10 but 9 was just enough. Enough to get you started. Please let me know if you put any of these things into action.

Before I go…

OK wait, as I was editing this I remembered why I said 10. #10 – Modify your circle. I’m not saying create only Mommi friends or only pregnant friends but ensure that the people around you are supportive of where you are in your life now. This type of support helps in every aspect of motherhood… trust me.

Moms who have made it through pregnancy, what are some things you would suggest adding to this list? Comment below!

Love & Light,

Trese, Unapologetically


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