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Unapologetically Living, Where our voice matters! 

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I have wanted to do a podcast for quite some time, especially when my followers on Instagram told me to my face that they'd rather hear me talk than read my blog posts, the audacity! 😳

Still blogging though?

I will still continue to blog but I also want to share my message with those who may be driving around or trying to muddle through their work day or work out! I want to make sure

What is Unapologetically Living?

Unapologetically Living is both a podcast and webspace where real life happenings can be discussed, dissected and reviewed. Where you can read or hear the opinions of not only myself, but the guest writers and other podcast family I will collaborate with.

Unapologetically Living (UL) means to walk in purpose and truth without being shamed for our opinions, views, conduct and style. I believe that being unapologetic doesn't mean we are perfect but rather that we own who we are because our intention is never to harm but only speak loudly, boldly and assuredly.

First Podcast!!!!

Head over to the Podcast page and listen to Episode 1: Allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself!

Catch up on all my past blogs that are live both here and on



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