Laughing at an impending war?

Updated: Mar 8, 2020


Your President, Donald Trump, ordered a precision strike to “terminate” top Iranian commander, Qasem Soleimani. That order was carried out and he was killed at a Baghdad airport on January 3rd.

President Trump & US Secretary Mike Pompeo claims the reasoning for this airstrike was to deter impending attacks. Soleimani has been blamed for recent attacks against American including a December 27th strike and the US Embassy attack in Baghdad on December 31. In speaking with military personnel in my family in preparation for this blog, they agree that if military intel was correct and Soleimani was involved in the prior attacks against US servicemen AND due to the fact that he moves so frequently; when we were alerted of his whereabouts, the chain of command would quickly act. The thought process behind this is that it will save lives in the long run by preventing future attacks under his leadership.

But you’re laughing though…

Let me be clear: war, fear of war, innocent people dying is not funny OF COURSE. There is a duality that can exist between a looming war and people finding humor at memes or jokes being told about said war.

To quote one of my favorite comedians, Dave Chappelle:

In short, people are scared. They are being hit with the possibility of a war. They have family or friends in the military. Young people who joined simply because they wanted the opportunity to attend college for free and now, in a last ditch effort to divert our attention from the fact that he hasn’t submitted his tax returns and that he is about to get impeached; your President kills a top Iranian figure who we suspect has nuclear weapons… YO, BLACK PEOPLE ARE LAUGHING AND CRACKING JOKES.

Our propensity for humor…

I hate generalizations; however, black people have learned how to handle stress, pain, sadness and extreme injustice through laughter. We stray away from overly medicating, there is a stigma about going to therapy (I’m a huge fan of therapy by the way), we deal with discrimination EVERY DAY in our country; if we didn’t laugh, we wouldn’t make it. PERIOD.

It’s like having a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, it may still be hot outside but the soothing chill and taste of the lemonade makes us forget, even if for a moment. Laughter is the same way for us. We don’t just have funerals we have celebrations! The death of a loved one is terribly sad. The finality of it all is overwhelming but we spend most of that time laughing at memories or dancing to release the burden of grief. When we go through a divorce or our kids have tapped on that last nerve we have available for life, we may go out and party to have a good time and LAUGH. It doesn’t mean the reality of the situation won’t be there when we return but it’s just a break from the heaviness of it all.

So, when we see:

We are laughing and possibly sharing them in our stories! This doesn’t mean we are unpatriotic (don’t get me started on patriotism in America while over 64,000 black women and girls are missing and we can’t even get consistent coverage on their disappearance…. I digress). It doesn’t mean we are laughing at the men and women who are currently deployed knowing the possibility of them not returning. NONE OF THAT! It means we are human and that laughter is our way of coping with the reality of it all. I am a big believer in duality. I can laugh at a meme and still go to my prayer closet at the end of the day to pray for each and every American soldier and innocent Iranian citizen that could potentially be injured or killed in an attack. I can do both things; in fact, I DO both things.

The impassioned viral plea…

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A man this shit ain’t no game . A lot of us might not be coming back and I been here since November.. so y’all tighten up and post sum positive or sum good lucky wishes or prayers.. everything y’all post don’t got to be funny.. 💯 ik y’all clout chasing but damn show love too💯❤️ To all the soldiers that coming over here to join us .. keep y’all head up … if you going thru sum I’m here to listen and Ima have a ear open for you … it’s all love for my brothers and sister this way ❤️ we gone make it back home safe 🤞🏾❤️

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