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Don't Start None, Won't Be None

When people were posting that they were excited and it felt like a new day after the results of the election, I knew it wouldn’t be 24 hrs. before we were quickly reminded that people still don’t respect black people or the black vote.

Disclaimer: Many will argue that “Black” is not a race but a color. I’m Blackity Black, that’s my race. Carry on.

Where She Had Us Messed Up…

Eva Longoria pranced herself on MSNBC and said “The women of color showed up in a big way. Of course, you saw in Georgia what Black women have done, but Latina women were the real heroines here. Beating men in turnout in every state and voting for Biden/Harris at an average rate close to three to one.” Once she was hit with the backlash from such a false and outlandish comment, she then tweeted this below:

C’mon Son…

Anyone who has a basic understanding of the English language knows that by stating and clearly delineating the reference to Black women in no way implies she was talking about Latino men. Furthermore, keep our names out your mouth unless you mention it with some respect! We have idly sat by for years and allowed people of all races to take credit for the hard work that we put in.

For years, black people have been the backbone of this country and many of the civil rights changes that other cultures benefit from only to be belittled or minimized at first turn. I can hear people saying “But Trese, she’s apologized and clarified her point”. Ok AND?! This is not the first or last time a black woman, or women, have done something only for people to say “Well what about me”? “All Lives Matter”! Sound familiar?

Black vs. Other People of Color

The comments above are why I am quick to make it clear that I am speaking for the black community not the “people of color” community because at first chance; other races will be quick to disassociate themselves from us. This has long been the struggle with the groupings of minorities or people of color.

When you say minorities or people of color, the grouping is too large to specifically focus on black people and without apology, that is where our focus should be. Now don’t get me wrong, black people as a whole are always willing to lend our voice to other causes but our primary focus needs to be on our issues, in our communities because we are the only ones truly looking out for us.

For black women, we have two things against us; our gender and our race. While we see it as our power and glory, many others (including other people of color) try to disparage and discredit us to the point where we need to defend ourselves. Dating back to slavery, black women have been responsible for taking care of other’s families while simultaneously taking care of their own. Creating, building and inventing to improve their way of life which ultimately improved the lives of others. We have long fought for equal rights as women dating back to Sojourner Truth’s infamous speech “Aint I A Woman” which confronted the feminist movement that was hell bent on excluding black women. See when the rights of women were addressed, they were addressing the issues of white women; rich white women more specifically, I digress. There was not only an issue of race and gender but class as well. No one highlights this better than one of my role models, Angela Davis in her book “Women, Race & Class.”

Over 200 years before the immigration of any other culture of women, with the exception of our indigenous sisters; black women were laying a foundation for what every other groups of women could build upon. To continue in 2020 to steal our flowers is just outright disrespectful and we are no longer being silent about it. In fact, we shall call you out publicly in the same manner in which you offended us. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

The Empathic Black Woman…

Far too long, black women have plastered a gracious and humble smile on their face and accepted treatment less than what they have deserved. The malfeasance of the police and other government officials since the beginning of time has only empowered her even more to fight for justice. From Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth to Angela Davis and Tamika Mallory; black women have been fighting for the freedoms that many have benefited from since the takeover of this country.

Nevertheless, many black women will find it in their heart to move one and take the high road against those who voted for Trump, to those black men (and a few black women) who stood on their soap boxes and campaigned for Trump. Many black women will sit across from Latina and Asian women and have a civilized conversation on why their vote is considered a crime against humanity. We will undoubtedly go back to work with or for white women whom we know voted for Trump confirming that they are either racists or ok with the racist treatment against black people.

I am not that woman. I don’t believe all of any culture is good or bad but what I won’t do is continue to be pacified by the “I’m sorry” and “I didn’t mean it” and the “I didn’t know”. Yes, you did. And while my faith tells me that I have to forgive, I will not forget; not in this lifetime. When over 55% of white women have decided that my black daughters, my black husband, my black parents, that I don’t matter; my desire to hear your cries, your ill-timed fragile egos has passed. This is nothing new; I am new. I am no longer willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. We have shown you who you are, what this country is. We stood side by side with you as you put up your black squares and marched for the photo op.

You can have no more of our empathy on this matter and you WILL NOT take away any more of our accolades and achievements. Our flowers are ours, they belong to us and us alone.

Love & Light & Proudly Black,

Trese, Unapologetically.


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