Don't Piss On My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining

Cut the bullshit. I mean really and truly.

Now that that is out the way… lets unpack the stuff I see going on.

What’s Going On?

Well, let’s start back in the beginning of our time here in America with slavery. Lynching was a way of demonstrating to other slaves that if you were out of line, tried to free yourself, even looked in the general directions of a white person; death would be your consequence. It was a public display for white people to satisfy their need for power and humiliation AND for black people to see what would happen if you dared to not follow the rules of white America.

This is not new. It has always been prevalent. During the civil rights movement, lynching was a constant reminder that our desires for basic civil liberties was nothing that white America wanted; in fact, they would do anything necessary to prevent it.

So, when I see news stories that black men are being found hanging from trees from suicide… I call BULLSHIT.

Trese, Why Are You So Skeptical?

Let me tell you one thing about the white nationalist, KKK, and all those other neo-nazi organizations… THEY. ARE. ORGANIZED. In my opinion, this is a calculated, organized chain of events happening to silence blacks on their quest for simple freedom and justice; the desire to matter to other people.

I don’t believe black men, who according to National Institute of Mental Health only account for 11% of suicides in this country and most of those are in men over the age of 65 (that’s still odd to me but I’ll role with it), are now suddenly hanging themselves from trees. Both the families of Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch,

Robert Fuller (left) & Malcolm Harsch (right)

who were found dead in Southern California by lynching (yes I am aware that I am saying lynching instead of hanging or suicide); have said that their loved ones would not have killed themselves and especially not in this manner. There is now a federal investigation that is happening into their suspicious deaths. Also, where is any video footage? They literally can see the trampoline in my backyard but they don’t have any surveillance of the area when these supposed suicides took place? Ok.

What About the Teen in Texas?

Ah, yes. Let’s talk about the case there the police department has said definitely that their investigation has determined it was suicide. Yea, no. Pardon me of my mistrust of any investigative forces at a local level right now. Again, while I’m sure that it happens, I don’t see young black men hanging themselves from trees. It’s possible, sure, not probable. I’ll leave that case along for now. It’s been reported there is video footage of this situation. I definitely don’t want, nor do I think it is legal to show the video if indeed he hung himself; I would just like the video to be reviewed by a trusted source in the black community to attest to the fact that no one else was there or close in proximity to threaten this young man to take his life.

Trese, It Sounds Like You Have Trust Issues With our System Right Now.

Ding, Ding, Ding. Damn skippy and for just cause. The systems that are in place, currently and for many decades, is the reason why “Defunding the Police” is happening. Trust me, though, this doesn’t stop with the police. While the police are definitely at the epicenter of what has been happening, the depths of cover-ups, lies, and scandals is deeply rooted in ALL of t