Unapologetically Living with Trese


 My name is Latrese: wife, mom to 3 beautiful girls, and a dope mompreneur (pun intended, I own a cannabis dispensary).


On Unapologetically Living, you will journey along with me as we discuss everything from tasty vegan meals & black issues to cannabis & motherhood. I'll talk about things openly and honestly, as I see it, often saying the things you would like to say but scared of who might be reading or listening. Blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos and more.

My truth is meant to spark conversation but more importantly, it's meant to make you feel a little less lonely. I want you to see glimpses of your journey in mine and if not, give you a greater perspective to the human experience.

My platform is a place where you can see someone being authentically themselves while unapologetically shining a light on the many facets of womanhood. 

I'm discussing it all.... with you!

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