Women & Weed: A Candid Conversation Part 3 – We have the final say

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

You made it! This 3-part series of Women & Weed is coming to an end (I know I think I originally said 4 but I think a trilogy is a good place to leave this… for now) So what is left to say? Well…a lot! In this blog we will cover an few of topics on why “we have the final say”.

Femininity in Weed…

Cannabis is nothing new, as I’ve previously stated it has been used in many countries around the world for YEARS without any cause for concern. The beauty of this plant is not only magnificent in its creation but is very similar to the embodiment of women. With every turn and curve that you see in a leave, it’s the same complicated landscape of the female body. The many compounds (cannabinoids) that are contained are varied in measurement and with its consumption can give off many different effects much like the aura of a woman.

See, the bud that most of us consume as whole flower is in fact female. You heard it, female plants when isolated from their male counterparts; grow large, seedless wonderful buds. I mean who has ever gotten flower ready to roll or put in a bowl and its filled with seeds…. YUCK! Female is Queen!

Cannabis, the real affordable care act…

Get out of your feelings, I love Obama too; Im just saying the misconception that cannabis is draining women’s pockets is just simply not true. That is propaganda to divert the narrative from making this industry even more lucrative than it already is. Let’s dive into this a little.

ReLeaf Health dispensary located in Portland, Oregon

First of all, women are dominating in purchasing power. According to Girl Power Marketing, “More women are taking the reins with their own finances, holding 60 percent of the country’s personal wealth, and 51 percent of all U.S stocks. 85% of all consumer purchases in the US are made by women.”

With that being said, when I tried to research cannabis sales broken down by demographic nationwide, I was hard pressed to find the numbers. I did find an analytics report by Eaze for 2018, who polled 450,000 cannabis users in their system. “Year of the female cannabis consumer: With female consumers nearly doubling, the growth of women entering the market outpaced men and continued the trend of increasing female participation, with women now 38% of cannabis consumers”, Eaze reports. This was a 95% increase over previous years. I imagine 2019 will be an even larger increase.

So, with all the spending that is happening, how can CANNABIS be a drain to women’s pockets? Weed and hemp CBD products are dominating the health and wellness industries as alternatives to big pharma or long time over the counter treatments. You will find many CBD products in various places from boutique small businesses to gas stations (please don’t purchase your CBD from gas stations). With more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana and even more with medicinal; there is a place for every budget. At ReLeaf Health, I carry products for as low as $2 (a preroll), so you can’t convince me that this market is draining money fast than the fashion and cosmetics industries, NOPE.

Is smoking vs. ingesting cannabis, more harmful?

Hawaii Maui Waui – Rolled in Raw papers

As I’ve stated before, cannabis whether its marijuana or hemp, is proven to interact positively with our body’s already existing endocannabinoid system to assist with various ailments. There are some health concerns, though, especially if smoking is your chosen method of consumption. While there are many ways to “smoke” your weed, the one that is most harmful is using certain types of rolling papers. Common rolling paper such as Backwoods or Black & Mild you can get at your local gas station. These types of papers often have chemicals used in production and are typically a harsher smoke on your throat and lungs. If rolling your weed is preferred, try a hemp papers such as