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Sexy & Saved - Success is Sexy

As we start to wrap up this 5 part series, I had to hit a quick point with "Success is Sexy"

We've focused on the things we tell ourselves about the way we look, how we often diminish our own self-confidence by allowing those who are envious sway our thinking and how we have to spend time reconnecting with Him to see truly inside of ourselves.

How you feel about you also has a lot to do with what you have DONE! What does success look like to you? When you've reached a level of perceived success or accomplishment, whatever that is to you; your walk is different. Your aura is more radiant, your confidence exudes.

Watch this quick video below on how we need to make sure that we are thriving in the areas we want to increase our sexy.

I made this video shorter testing something out... let me know if you hate the quicker synopsis. Yall are growing with me, we are in this together!

Love & Light,

Trese, Unapologetically



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