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Black Love: The Soundtrack To Life

While Valentine’s Day is a man-made holiday, it is one that I think is important to celebrate nonetheless. This idea has changed for me over the years but as much as we race through life, I don’t see a problem with stopping and celebrating love, especially Black love. With every day that passes in the Black relationship prism, we are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges to our individual selves that our connection back to the creator through love is paramount.

Black Love permeates every aspect of American culture and the love conversation. It’s the rhythm in our love making, the passion in our conversations, the joy in our laughter, the conviction in our praise and the essence in our music. Black love is the soundtrack to every great story ever told. It is the glue that binds us and the salvation of our souls.

For my anniversary last year, I wrote the below love letter and it still rings true today.

Happy Valentine’s Day fam, love on each other today!

Dear Black Love,

About 20 years ago I believed that love was love, no matter what hue it came in and that is true. Love is love. However, there is something particularly sweet to me about your Love.

Black Love is speckled in struggle and pain, you can see its scars but it doesn’t envelope its inhabitants. This isn’t the pain of adultery and domestic violence that permeates most people’s beliefs, but it’s the struggle of survival. The pain of the lack of assurance that your inhabitants will return home safe each day.

And that in itself is what makes you unique. You shine in your darkest moments. You insist on persevering because you know that the mission is important. Instead of weaken us, you strengthen and bound us to the creator.

The tapestry of your collective is beautiful in its composition. Delightful in its moves and its language. The collective is boisterous and passionate, intelligent and thoughtful. Your Love provides the comfort and serenity we need to tackle each new day. It is effortless. It is profound.

I appreciate your installation in my heart through the role models in my life. My grandparents whom I honor by marrying on the same day as you took up residence in their life. My parents who showed me that your Love wasn’t perfect, its covenant can be custom made and was not one size fits all. It’s through your resonance over my last 39 years, I have been able to emerge in your glow with my King.

We are far from perfect; we are flawed and we have made many mistakes but because of your deep roots in the creator, from the inceptions of the world, we can always reside in your bosom. To be with you is to be fulfilled. You have brought us from the gallows of doubt and fear to the conviction of everlasting love.

I am grateful for your covenant Black Love.

I will love you always & forever.


Wife of J


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